Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Ceilings designs for living room are one of the most difficult design challenges, and thus are often overlooked and fitted with standard light kits and white paint. Yet ceilings of the Renaissance were often canvases for renowned artists of the day. Bring a touch of that artistic drama to your space by installing a polyurethane or fiberglass dome.


Ceiling designs for living room add architectural interest even in their simplest forms, but recessed domes can be painted and finished to virtually any effect you can dream up. Fiber optic ceiling medallions and domes can be painted to resemble stars shining in the night sky. Light coves can be added to domes for a softer, more diffuse lighting effect.

The naturally clean lines of ceiling domes make them ideal for even contemporary spaces, and the plethora of trims available makes it easy to match a ceiling dome to any design aesthetic. Tray/Domed ceiling designs for living room are ideal design solutions for an otherwise wasted space. Ceiling domes are lightweight, easy to install, and versatile.

Modern day domes come in a variety of materials and styles. You can choose from fiberglass, polyurethane, gypsum or you can make it from formed sheet-rock. Fiberglass and polyurethane domes are mainly used in smaller applications up to about 7′ in diameter, and gypsum domes are cut into pie pieces for larger dome designs for easy transport and installation. Round domes are the most common, but you can get pretty much any shape desired, square, rectangle or anything custom.

So take a moment to contemplate a space in your residence or commercial ceiling designs for living room project where a recessed dome would add dramatic impact and high-end appeal, and act now to bring that vision to life.

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